Armenia and its neighbours

Feeling so much in love with caucasian Georgia, it`s not easy at all to leave this beautiful country.
Crossing the boarder to Armenia, once again means reaching another landscape. Now there are no trees anymore, therefore Armenias north is meager and high. As further we come in direction to Yerevan, as bigger we can see the huge Mount Ararat appearing. A white, high and snowy peak. Here, the bible tells, Noah and his Ark had landed. Once the Mountain belonged to Armenia, nowadays the territory is turkish. But nevertheless it is still Armenias biggest pride. Its peak is on our entrystamp, armenians beer label shows the peak and every second hotel has the name Ararat. It is the symbol, whatever we look at.
But Turkey dislikes this, people tell us. They say, its their mountain, and do not understand why the Armeniens use it for their emblems. But Armenia askes back; Why do the Turkish have the moon in their flag then?
From Yerevan we go on towards Nagorny Karabach. The small autonomic country, belongs under international law to Aserbaidschan, but the Armenians have the custody for it. Thats how Russia decided it, many years ago. Since then, the two neighbor countrys fight against each other.
In the capital Stepanakert we meet many young soldiers, and see a tank rolling along the street. While camping, we are afraid to step on a forgotten landmine. But the people peacefully smile, glad to meet foreigners. They even give us nuts, kakis and pomegranates.
It is autumn and harvest in the southern Kaukasus and the warm light turns everything in yellow and gold.