Going through an exciting country

It was not quite easy, but finally we got the pakistanian Visa, and here we go. Standing only a few steps away from the Border to a country i still can't imagine.
It took us a long time to make this decision. We searched for so many options, but they always turn out to be not possible or much to expensive. But also we never forgot our dream to surround the world without a plane. So at one point we made the descision to cross Pakistan.
For the starting 1000km we have to go through Balochistan, a region which spreats from Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iran. A region which is fighting for their independance since many years, a region which brings up terror and violence, because the pakistanian police, the taliban and the balochis fight each other. As a tourist you get an police escort.
Otherwise it is to dangerous.
So we must take a taxi. Only the third time on this trip we have to pay for transport.
Men with long beards and guns leading us from checkpoint o checkpoint through the nomansland.
And we are some kind of an attraction for the locals, because they don't see many foreigners in this part of the world. They ask for a photo, want to know our names. Hundreds of hand we are shaking, hundreds of friendly faces we can look to, hundred time we feel hospitality.
After three days we leave Balochistan with the train though the mountains. This landscape almost makes me cry, so beautiful it is, while is passes by the window.
Now we are in save parts of Pakistan and stay much longer than we expected before. I can still hear myself saying three weeks ago: „we just cross Pakistan as soon as possible !“
Now we are still there, we already hitchhiked 1000km across, spend time on a pakistanian weeding and celebrated a street festival in Lahore.
Pakistan is much more than we expected before. An exciting country and we aready plan to come back...