Green Kaukasus

We come to the habour of Baku, seeing sunrise in „little Dubai“, how Azeris proudly call their upgrowing capital. The Billion Dollar oil business is highly visible . Everything is clean, many new pompous buildings. The city grows in height. Just outside of the city, the highest building in the world is going to be built soon. It is a contrast to the country Baku is placed in. Outside of the metropole you can't feel the richness.
Some days we spend in the city, enjoying cosiness after two weeks of kasachian desert. But, nevertheless, Baku is not the plae to be for us, much to clean, the cars to big, the promenade to exact, the showcases to noble. We don't fit in there, with our backpacks.
In generell we don't stay for to long in cities. Citylife, in places such as Baku, is tough for travelers with low budget.
We long for sleeping in the tent again, as soon as we get sick of metropols.
Much better we feel in the geogian capital, Tbilisi. We find a wonderful room, with a green courtyard, in the middle of the center. Calm and ease. After beeing on the road for half a year. We badly need to
wash, fix and sorte everything.
Now we are planing the next months, try to apply for iranian, pakistani and indian visa.
And meanwhile we go for a hike, in georgians fabulous green kaukasus.