During our journey, we have the pleasure to meet many people.
They live in the most different conditions,
but there is surely one thing we all have in common:

A place we call home.

In short film portrais we try to capture this feeling, as authentic as possible. One day we follow any person with the camera.
We are awear of the fact, that this mide not show a person in all it's capability... But we try to show, not to teach.

We document without text and comments.


Lucho Canel Hernandez, Guatemala 2015

Rosalina Hernández Cruz, Mexiko 2015

Yurika Terashima, Japan 2014

Slawa Petrovic Solotkof, Sibiria Russia 2014

Mohammad Ilyas, Pakistan 2014

Gopal Rokka, Nepal 2014

Sajeev Olappurayil, India 2014

Mahbube Fujerdi, Iran 2013

Leon Docholjan, Georgia 2013

Ijrijskul Schomat Kasij , Kyrgyzstan 2013

Baba Uljana, Ukraina 2013

Radoslav Tomic, Serbia 2013