And now?
I'm gonna miss hitchhiking.
Sure, but we can't go on with it. That's too crazy with a little baby. Isn't it?
But what than? Traveling with Busses, queueing up in the hostels?
No, thats not for me. That doesn't fit to our way of traveling.
And futhermore, how you wanna carry all the stuff? Backpack in the back, baby sling in the front?
Than we would have to give away our tent, the stove, the boots...
..to go for citytours?
No, thats not good.
So than a car?
A car we can sleep in.
And the money? That will be more than 5 Euro a day.
Sure, but the idea stays the same: Not more than we need.
And beside the car, Baby clothes and some cotton diapers it won't be much more than before.
Is it a big change now, or not?
I mean, we give away some being wild, and in return we get a little more reliability.
But do you know, what's the best?
As long as we will be traveling, we can always be 24 hours with our child.


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