Over the ocean

Back in Russia we are talking about the Pacific-Crossing as a remote future, not to happen very soon. “Someday we will....“
And then, suddently everything get very real. On a certain day, in a very certain moment it is getting precise: In less than 3 months we have to cross the Pacific. Without diving it, there is somebody deciding to go traveling with us.

We book a cabin. (To get a free ride with working on a cargo ship become nowadays almost impossible.) Actually we planned to save money for the cargo ship, by teaching english in China. That was the idea, but now everything has to go fast. Because if we don't cross now, it will be very difficult to realise our dream of surround the world without flying. (in a certain week of pregnancy, and also with a baby you are not allowed to go on board of a cargo ship.

When I am writing this text, I am sitting in the cabin of the CMA OTELLO and try to bear down the sickness, which turns up while writing. The vessel waves endlessly from one side to the other, again and again. Two weeks only water, salty air, wind, sun and some flying fishes on the fore of the vessel. Then, later dolphins and giant turtles. With us on bord on the french ship: 30 people of the working crew (French, Rumanian, Indian, all men!), 8500 containers, (coming from Hongkong going to Chile), 2500 Baguettes and an engine, the size of a small house. Furthermore diesel for more than 15 days. Daily the vessel uses 170000 liter. Unbelievable, I could not imagine, if I had not see the dimensions of such a vessel.

But even with seasickness, in every meter we go forward, we realise why we did not do this in a 13 hours, flying Tokio – Mexico-City. We can feel the distance, the “inbetween“ and thats prickling deep in the belly. Same for the exicting new life, waiting for us on the new continent, in Mexico.