Before coming to Nepal, I couldn' imagine at all, to see somebody carrying a refrigiator by himself.
To haul such a heavy big fridge with a rope around your forehead, is something I would never ever Its the same for carrying 12 fans or heaps an heaps kilos of vegetables or fruits.

In the streets of Kathmandu, in the villages, even in the high mountains of the Himalaya you can see those incredible pictures. Always a combination of a headband and somebody who seems to work with superpower. But if you expect musclemen to see, you will be surprised. The „Porter Nepalis“ look small an skinny, having the tradtional and beautiful pastel colored hut on the head. With almost no stress or effort they pass you, having a big smile in their face. It's a long tradition. A nessecity in the highest mountains of the world.
Carrying things, here in Nepal, is not a guys domane. The women and even young children haul stuff in the heavy baskets. Goats, big bags of rice, or brickets of firewood you see on all kind of peoples heads.
For the tourists, the „Sherpas“ carry their equipment and stuff, to realise mountain avantures and expeditions, which wouldn't be possible otherwise. In heights where the european peaks seem to be only hills, the „Porters“ hawl up to 30 or 40kilos for the comfort of the trekkers and the hikers.
A sad picture, working condition at the egde of humanity.
We think: Who wants to go for a trekk, has to conscious about his stuff. Better to leave the book or the full bottle of shampoo in town, instead of putting it into the Porters bag.
For us we don't want any other option then to carry our things ourselves. And we suffer. 15 kilo of weight in each backpack, but it is worth. 20 days of trekking, camping, 5400 meter altidute, and a scenery which is breathtaking...