We want to go.
With our backpacks, tend and a few things beside.
Just what we really need.
Traveling over land, never loosing contact to the earth.
Experiencing distance.
Crossing the oceans by ship, because we want to perceive every single mile.
We take time.

We will get to know borders, our limits.
Want to learn what abandonment means and what pleasure is all about.
It's a try not to spent more than 5 € a day. 2 or 3 years.
Maybe more, maybe less.
We are no hero's, nothing special. Just acting on instinct.
Followed by spontaneity and curiosity.

To learn what homeland means for the others, we leave the place we were born.
And one day there will be a movie,
framed of our memories.
And the once we were given on our journey.
And someday, when the east turns into the west, we are back home.

aus Freiburg, Deutschland