Shiva and Rubbish

A guy points a little metal stick in my face and speaks in hindi. He turns it several times, drills it...
„No thanks, no, whatever it is, i don't need it.“
„Only 10 rupies, aunty!“ he trys again and again. I turn around many questions, to many offers, to much bargening today. He goes off.
Just a little later, I see him successfully. He uses his small metal stick and cleans a random persons ears. He is a earcleaner!
Thats India. increadible, unbelievable stuff everyday.
Thats exhausting and exicting in one. Indias chaos and mess is in almost the whole country. The Beauty sits side by side with the uglyness.
You can smell increadible amazing spices and the disgusting open-toilet-system in the same time.
It is so colorful and dirty in the same place. Just depends on your focus.

We are swimming in a huge ocean full of chaos, trying to reach the islands in between. If we do so, (like in Gokarna, Hampi or Vanamoolika) we can feel the Spirit and the inspiration of this magical country and its culture.

Indien is two times: One for the tourists, one for the locals. The one ist for the world, meeting in India, made by the tourist, made for the tourists, a long time growing business. The other one; the world of shiva and all the religions. A tradtional spirituality, unique in its beauty.

For us, India is surprisingly expensive. At least compared to the months before. For our budget it is hard to come along. Hitchhiking is a hard challenge, for camping there is to less space, it is to crowded. We miss the Indepedance of the months before. The advanture we use to travel with.

Nevertheless, it was an exicting time, but somethimes just to narrow and crowded.
In this part of the world, it is impossible to flee to the forets for 10 days...