Through the steppe

And it is the first time we cross the border to a completly unknown country, a country we could not imagen at all.
Maybe there has been some imagination, some dull landscape, grey cities, no man's land. Thats what the soviet time teached us...
Indeet, we hitch-hiked for days throuch the barren steppe with several trucks, passing abandoned collective farms, which appear on the horizon like palaces; passing wild horses, camels and detached yurts. But Kasachstan tells us it's mystery: Every color we can spot now, is exploring and overwhelming becaus of it's unexpected beauty. Green, blue, and red lakes, orange rock, white salt, pink sunsets, yellow and purple meadows, red poppy fields and the green megacity Almaty.

There, it becomes even more colorful. We visit Ukiuki, a kazakh girls, and sleep on her floor. Just like Sebastian from Belguim, who is travelling the world by bike. Even our project “ 5 Euros a day per person” has worked out very well, almost amzingly good, spending time in the city is mostly the more expensive than we can afford. So we do some street performing. Juggling, diabolo, huge soap bubbles and some music. Our smal circus is high-flying. We can by some new bog rolls, some new tuthpast and ever evening there is a dinner for all of us.

Kazakhstan, thanks for your colorful moments.