On Top of two continents

We are leaving the doors of Moscow behind.
And there it is. The biggest country in the world. Not-known, unbelievable, unthinkable in its shape and dimension.
A size, we can't understand. A road, that goes over 9000km to Wladiwostok.
Without any border.

We sit in many cars, hitch-hike through forests and fields, over grass and rivers, always try to pick up some russian words.
A 24 stories advanture. That is the number of cars, we were sitting in, reaching the Ural Mountains finally.
Here live the wolves in the forest, and the radio plays already asian music.
Its where a new continent begins.
And also Baschkortostan. A region of Russia, which dosen't feel the russian soul.
It has its own language and you can feel an arabian and an asian mood.
We are surprised. We have never heard of Baschkortostan before.

We live for one week with a family close to a lake. And we enjoy their russian Banya (Sauna). And we still feel the spring. But summer is waiting. Only another couple of days and we are moving on. To central Asia.