Two months in Iran

Gwen touches her headscarf nervosly. We now put rings on our hands, pretend to be "married". It may make things more easy in Iran. We will soon cross the boarder.
We are excited. We are going to travel a country, you can hear many prejudices about. Extremism, Islamism, Danger!
After only some hours we can see that this is maybe just a political Image in the West.
The people we meet are very welcoming and open minded. On the street they shout "Hey Mister" or simply "Welcome to Iran". They smile at us. In the Metro of Teheran, we have had hardly any ride, without someone asking us if we might need any help. We get many phone numbers, just in case.
While hitchhiking people often want to take us home, in the villages we get asked into houses, to have at least a cup of tea.
It seems like, we don't come to Iran, Iran comes to us. And it is the same with other travelers. They tell similar stories. Iran loves its guests.
We extend our visa two times, so intensive this country is for us. Such a long time it takes to try to understand this country. For Gwen it is even worth it, to wear a headscarf for nine weeks.

In the iranian desert, it is now the perfect climate. It is winter, fresh in the night and warm during the days. We rent old motorbikes and pretend to be "Easy Rider". After one week we return the bikes and ask for the fee. But the Iranians refuse the money. We try hard on insisting to give them at least some. But they just smile, the hand on the heart, saying: "Welcome to Iran!"