Ups and downs – The Pamir mountains

Hidden in deep Central Asia, between Kirgistan, China and Afghanistan, you can find Tadschikistan.
A land that consists to 93% of mountains.
And it's also the land of the worlds second highes highway.
The Pamir Highway.
In the eastern part, it leads 500km through meager scenery of stone and dust.
Always above 3500 m altitude.
Like on the moon.

For us, in truth, the Pamir brings out ups and downs. On the one hand, it is indiscribable beautiful, on the other hand the Pamir charges lots of energy.
We get snowed in, struggle with our power, and for the first time we get disappointed by some few people. Things go slow. Sometimes we have to wait for several hours or even days, before there is some car giving us a ride.
Truly, it is an adventure we did not expected it to be.

Once Marco Polo wrote: „ The plain is called Pamir. (…) the region is so lofty and cold that you can not even see any birds flying.“

Nevertheless, there are people. Not a lot, but a few who bearding the height. Minus 20 degrees, they tell us, is not unusual during the winter.
We can't imagine how they manage to survive without any wood, fields or arable farming. All they have is the Yak and some donkeys. For us it's just like a miracle.

But for them it is everydays life. For them its homeland.