Where people trink horsemilk

If someone crosses your land in Kyrgistan, he will be your guest.
Let him sit in your yurt, faceing the entry. As a symbol of resepect.
If you can offer him a warm meal. And always a bowl of tea, that should never be empty
Let him trink fresh horsemilk, or better give im ferment horsemilk (kymys), which will clean his body.

Is the guest going to stay for longer, kill a sheep an serve him the head of the animal.
Let every wish of your guests come to truth.

Ist der Gast älter als du, umfasse zum Abschied seine rechte Hand mit beiden Händen.
Is the guest older than you, take both your hands to say good bye.
Are you celebrating a weeding, birth or a funeral, sacrifice a horse and serve it to your guest.
If there is a member of your family older than you, and present, you will not drink alcohol or smoke.
Respect your parents.